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Melanie Meren serves on the Fairfax County School Board.

Learn more about Melanie’s work to build strong schools and community in the nation’s 10th largest school division.


Strategic Communications

Crafting messages, language, strategy and products to prompt action from targeted audiences

Network Development

Connecting allies to accelerate progress in education, sustainability, and the public good.

Work Management Systems

Designing efficient work systems and supporting team communications

Research and Analysis

Conducting interviews, data scans and more to analyze trends of success and challenge

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Education Expertise

Applying expertise in PreK-12 education programs and policy, specializing in environmental literacy and nature-based connections

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Coaching and Facilitation

Leading workshops, facilitating strategic meetings, and communications coaching

Clients and Collaborators

Melanie focuses on creating effective work systems and clear, strategic communications. She is a communicator, advocate, strategist, and project manager. Her passion is promoting meaningful education that prepares people for success and strengthens local communities.

Melanie Meren

The process person.


Defender of all things good and fun.


A force of – and for – nature.

Featured Articles

Biologically Healthy Lifestyles for Students

It’s a term I coined years ago to encompass the holistic components I saw that students need to succeed in school, beyond the academic portion of learning. I define it as: Ensuring access and time to eat healthy food during the school day, Respecting the need and...

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The Student Stewards We Raise

A colleague recently challenged my intention to include environmental stewardship as a vital component of public education. She asked why it should take such a central role, more so than say, art or music.

I had a difficult time mounting a defense for my position

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