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Melanie is running for
Fairfax County School Board!

Visit her campaign website to learn how she’s working for strong schools in the Fairfax community.


Strategic Communications

Crafting messages, language, strategy and products to prompt action from targeted audiences

Network Development

Connecting allies to accelerate progress in education, sustainability, and the public good.

Work Management Systems

Designing efficient work systems and supporting team communications

Research and Analysis

Conducting interviews, data scans and more to analyze trends of success and challenge

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Education Expertise

Applying expertise in PreK-12 education programs and policy, specializing in environmental literacy and nature-based connections

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Coaching and Facilitation

Leading workshops, facilitating strategic meetings, and communications coaching

Clients and Collaborators

Melanie focuses on creating effective work systems and clear, strategic communications. She is a Network Strategist connecting the people, entities, and ideas that promote nature and environmental sustainability as the vehicle for learning, living, and leadership.
Melanie Meren

The process person.


Defender of all things good and fun.


A force of – and for – nature.

Featured Articles

The Student Stewards We Raise

A colleague recently challenged my intention to include environmental stewardship as a vital component of public education. She asked why it should take such a central role, more so than say, art or music.

I had a difficult time mounting a defense for my position

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What Words Mean for Children and Communities

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Perhaps like you, I used this retort as a kid, most memorably at the morning bus stop when I was being made fun of for something trivial. I was fortunate to not be a target for bullying, but like most kids, I had my moments of being teased.

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"Melanie brings calm to chaos with a strategic, professional and kind approach... She made our work possible."

"Melanie is a mission-driven professional who can be trusted to represent an organization's best interests and move work forward."

"She brings her heart, brain and full energy to every project."

"Her talents and vision have taken our organization to the next level. I highly recommend her."

"She uses a variety of tools to keep us organized and has been instrumental in giving our organization a web and social marketing presence."

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