young adult artist in a coworking spaceIt’s true: jobs DO exist, if we educate our students about opportunities and inspire them about the areas where they can find in-demand, fulfilling careers.

I see it in my day job working to introduce STEM concepts to K-8 students so they are inspired to seek classes and ultimately jobs in these areas.

I was struck by the similarities of my work with what I read in this Washington Post article, “The horticulture industry’s age problem is bigger than you think”. Horticulture is having the same problem as science-related fields: high employment needs, but low job interest and qualified workers.

Our schools can address this!

In this example alone, the description of the array of jobs available in horticulture is truly exciting – it seems there’s something for almost everyone (not just those with 4-year degrees). We must educate our students about and for these topics and opportunities!

This article also hits on the sad reality that “many young Americans lack a basic awareness of plants and their value.”

Environmental education is essential in student learning. Let’s make it part of all learning for students so they are prepared for work and life.

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