Since 2009 I’ve been a network strategist focused on creating effective work systems and clear, strategic communications. I’ve honed my skills to be wickedly efficient in work management and communications. At the same time, I’ve accumulated knowledge in Pre-K to 12 policy and programs, including in the inspiring area of environmental literacy, whole school sustainability, and outdoor learning.

I am passionate about promoting nature as content and context for learning. I am in good company with many others in the belief that environmental literacy and whole school sustainability need to be the centerpiece in American education.

All the while, the edges have been blurred between my work life and my volunteer endeavors – often using my skills to advocate for public school funding and help educators to provide outdoor learning.

As I got deeper into promoting outdoor learning, I saw more and more that this approach is not only about bringing kids out into the deepest parts of nature, but about accessing nature at the closest spots to them – sometimes on the edges of their schoolyard. I saw how not only schools, but whole school districts and even cities are working to connect children with nature in the best interests of education, public health, career prep, and our environment.

I bought the URL for this blog because I saw that there was so much happening in the hours before and after school and in the days before and after children were school-age that influences students’ experiences. I sought to meld together the happenings that were happening at this edge of formal student learning.

I love to write. I authored a successful blog about raising healthy families from 2010-2014. I’ve repurposed some of the most popular content here.

I’m excited to be writing this blog that melds my passions and interests for creating learning environments that our children and communities need.

Thanks for joining me on the edge.

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