The universe WANTS you to green your school! When you put an intention out into the universe, the universe responds.
Well, I’m not saying that intergalactic aliens are going to come help you green your school! But when you are excited about your idea and start sharing it with people, a funny thing happens – they remember that you are working on it. So when an opportunity arises in their circle of life, they recall your passion and then share the information with you.
This is also the essence of networking, actually – thinking about how to strategically yet genuinely share information so that you become known for your ideas.For example, I had put into the universe that I want to install an outdoor classroom at my elementary school. Here’s what I did:
•  From day one, I talked about inspiring models that I’d seen making-nature-art_girl_10_19
•  I sent articles from time-to-time to my principal and teachers
•  I led after school activities using nature as the focus
•  I suggested “opportunities”, not criticisms and demands

Then, just as school was letting out last Summer, my principal invited me to share inspiration with our teachers in the Fall with a presentation at the all-staff meeting before school kicked off! Wow! I was delighted and honored.

My presentation was very well-received – and engaging! In about 30 minutes teachers had seen examples of nearby schools with outdoor classrooms and realized that they wanted this experience for their students. The room buzzed with comments and ideas. It was amazing.


So hello, universe!

But I left that presentation without an exact next step. Hmmm. I had to let things simmer for a bit.

Then, barely three weeks later, I needed to remove two huge oak trees at my house (Sad! But they were dangerous to our home). I told my principal that we would have ample wood and access to a dump truck the following week. Did she want me to lead the installation of an outdoor classroom installed ASAP?

“YES,” said the principal. “YES,” said the universe.

And, not only did I get to lead the creation of an outdoor classroom, but I also got to repurpose majestic oak trees – saving them from the undignified fate of the wood chipper.

Stay tuned for how the 30 log stump chairs cut from the trees were transported to school grounds and installed into place!

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